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I Promise, Never by ReinsQueen
I Promise, Never
THIS IS NOT MY ART!! I REPEAT! I DID NOT DRAW THIS!! All credit goes to my good friend J. Hereford, who I commissioned this from. It is fanart from WithoutHesitation's fanfiction: A Simple Change of Fate
A Simple Change of Fate: His Princess by ReinsQueen
A Simple Change of Fate: His Princess
WithoutHesitation's fanfics are to die for! (Get it? Heehee!). But I think I love the pieces for Lydia and Prince Vince the best! I know I know- I still am a hardcore BeejxLydia shipper, but the romanti-goth in me just adores the Neitherworld's dark prince. So I did this fanart! I also commissioned a piece from a friend based on chapter 12 in A Simple Change of Fate! Posting that next~
Oh! And the dress Lydia is wearing here? My prom dress! :D
Latios and Latias tribal tattoo by ReinsQueen
Latios and Latias tribal tattoo
This. Oh sweet gods, this was the most painful thing I've ever gone through. 2 hours. Wasn't bad at all, until they started filling in Latios's wings on my ribs. That was agony. But I am so happy to have this tattoo as my first. It's been about a month. All healed and set in. Very lovely. I just adore these two Eon dragons to bits. And it even has a lot of symbolic meaning to me. Latinas represents myself. A wild, free, boundless and fun-loving spirit who is so much more powerful than she seems. And Latios represents all those who have been my guardians. My late Master Ellis, who died protecting what he loved. My best friend, who has always been there for me when not even the light was. And he represents the strength it takes to push on. To be strong, and to have the courage it takes to sacrifice for what you love and believe in. I am just so happy to have these two etched into my skin. Contemplating adding a tribal Lugia to the other side, or up my back. Complete the trio, you know?

Feel free to use the design, but please let me know if you do and credit me if you post pictures of it anywhere! Thanks

Pikachu Loves It Plz 
Latios and Latias tribal tattoo design by ReinsQueen
Latios and Latias tribal tattoo design
So, call me impulsive, but pretty soon after I finished this drawing I decided I was in love with it, so I booked the appointment. I absolutely adore Latios and Latias!! They are my absolute favorite pokemon. Latios's death in Heros totally killed me TT^TT
381 Latios 380 Latias Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
So, with my new tail in fit condition for swimming, and summer upon us, I hope to have many more Mermaid Skyla pictures ready for you all very soon! More importantly, guess whose first promo video, using my old tail, has reached over a thousand views on youtube? THIS MERMAID'S!!! You can see it here: 

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and enjoyed my art and work as a mermaid. I love you all! Bubble heart kisses~ <3
-Mermaid SKyla


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United States
Hiya! I'm most publically known as Mermaid Skyla :) I'm a hobbyist (striving for professional) mermaid, as well as a young artist and author. My book is called Faery Eyes, if you want to check it out on Amazon ;) . My art is mostly fantasy, because I find the beauty of the (mostly) unseen world very alluring. If you want to see anything particular, don't hesitate to send me a message. I can't guarantee I'll do it, but there is a good chance I might....but not digital art! XP Technology and I are seeing other people right now. Anyways! Blessed be and all that good stuff! :D Like the Mermaid Skyla Facebook page please!

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